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Racing Returns Saturday, October 4




Cal Expo announces Incentive Plan for upcoming meet

Watch and Wager LLC, the operator of Cal Expo, has announced the Incentive Plan for their upcoming meet, which is set to begin October 4 and will run through May 2 of 2015.


Each returning (non new) horse will receive a onetime owners credit of $300, with the incentive money being credited to the owners account upon making its first Cal Expo start. To be eligible, the layover/returning horse must start by November 2 of 2014. Meanwhile, each approved new horse will be eligible to receive up to $1,200 in incentive money.


Of that amount, $900 will be paid to the owner of record after the new horse makes it first start, with that start coming by January 14, 2015. The remaining $300 will be paid to the first start owner after such horse makes its eighth Cal Expo start, and that start must come prior to the end of the meet in May of 2015.


A new horse is defined as a horse who has not started at Cal Expo since May 25 of 2013, and to be eligible the horse must have raced at another track in 2014. All new horses must be approved by Watch and Wager management and the new horse incentive program will be limited to the first 150 approved new horses.


There is on track stall space available free of rent.


Newly-renovated grooms quarters are also available for this meeting.


For more information, please contact or call (916) 800-1395